Mastermind.CEO is an exclusive business club for clients of Schippke Wirtschaftsberatung AG in Switzerland who generate at least 7-digit revenues and who want to grow to the next level in terms of their freedom in terms of finance, entrepreneurship and time.

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4 strong core topics
Main Topic 1
Venture capital
  • Raising capital within investor network
  • Growth strategies of 8-9 digit entrepreneurs
  • Efficient bank financing
  • Subsidies in the range of millions
Main Topic 2
Investment Strategies
  • From entrepreneur to investor
  • Exclusive investment deals
  • Asset protection
  • Asset Management
Main Topic 3
Structural Optimization
  • Tax optimization
  • More liquidity
  • Investment structures
  • Exit strategies
Main Topic 4
Marketing & Scaling
  • Acquisition of employees and new customers
  • Scaling of marketing processes
  • Digitalization & business processes
  • Performance marketing
Growing from 7-figure to a 8-
figure business in 12 months.
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Process & structure of
the mastermind.CEO:
Weekly mentoring and crowdsolving

Every week, our mentors and other Mastermind participants solve your biggest challenges using the concept of "crowdsolving." This involves sharing the best strategies to overcome each obstacle together, right to the point. Plus, you'll get an hour of 1:1 mentoring every month to stay on track.

A specific action plan to achieve your goals

Realization is often the hardest part. We work with you to define your biggest business challenges and goals and break them down into monthly and weekly tasks so that you can get to the implementation step-by-step without being too distracted by your day-to-day business.

You will gain access to the Mastermind.CEO network

Some of our 1300+ clients have 8-figure assets and businesses and are always looking for lucrative and innovative business ideas. With us, you can get the necessary venture capital and scaling strategies to become the absolute market leader in your industry.

4 exclusive live events to make 2023 truly exceptional

Each trimester, you can expect a 3-day unforgettable business trip with Michelin-starred gastronomy, organized at high-end locations with unique activities to work together in a focused and intensive way on scaling your business and building your wealth.

Who is Marc Schippke?

of Schippke Wirtschaftsberatung AG

International expert

Experience in more than 28 countries in the EU, US, United Arab Arab Emirates and Asia

Innovative and creative

We do not accept the status quo, but are constantly working on new and pragmatic solutions

Active recommendation

More than 50% of our new clients come to us through active recommendation


Assisting innovative entrepreneurs to legally and sustainably reduce their tax burden by half or even to 15% to 0%.

Real estate partnerships

in Germany, Switzerland and in UAE (Dubai).

>10 year of experience

Saved more than €40.2 million in taxes for our clients

Practice instead of theory

Legal strategies that actually pass audits from tax authorities

Growing from 7-figure to a 8-figure
business in 12 months.
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A selection of mentors of
the Mastermind.CEO

Growth strategies

Oliver Herbig is one of the most successful clients of our business consultancy, because in the last 7 years he has managed to bring the karriere tutor GmbH with its smart eLearning and education offers in cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency to more than 150 million Euros company value. You will benefit enormously from Oliver's growth and exit strategies.


Employee Management

Founded in 1888, Ambrock in Hagen is now one of the largest painting companies in Germany, with 11 locations and over 400 employees. In 140 years, the company has not only survived 2 world wars and countless personnel and economic crises, but today stands stronger than ever and is constantly expanding without Marc Ambrock's active involvement in the day-to-day business.


Marketing & Scaling

Dennis Höpner and his team have managed more than EUR 250 million for his clients and investments in performance marketing over the last 19 years. His agency MarketingLab works on top level with Google and Meta and helps his clients to achieve exponential growth, strategic recruiting to fill critical key positions and sustainable brand and company value building.


E-Commerce & Scaling

Paul and Marlene Franzreb from Mannheim, Germany, have built a strong fashion brand with Paul Valentine over the last 6 years, which today boasts 50 employees and 31 million euros in annual sales; and that with only €15,000 in start-up capital at the time. Paul is an absolute insider in the areas of performance, online and influencer marketing, as well as branding, social media and product design.


Structural Optimization

Marc Schippke is the founder and owner of Schippke & Partner Wirtschaftskanzlei AG and has been able to save over 40 million euros in taxes with more than 1300 clients from the DACH region in recent years with his tax consultant colleagues. As the visionary of Mastermind.CEO, he brings together some of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs to pool resources, know-how and capital.

Dr. Peter

Tax Optimization

Dr. rer. pol. Peter Happe has been a strategic tax advisor since 1998 and is the best expert in German and international tax law in our entire network. In addition, Dr. Happe was CFO of a private equity fund in Zurich and has very extensive practical knowledge of Swiss tax law.


Real Estate Strategies

Our most successful client in the real estate sector is Jörg Löffler from Nuremberg, who has managed to build up a real estate volume of over 45 million euros in eight years with 25 employees. Jörg and Marc are now close business partners and friends. Jörg's companies are also extremely successful in the current market situation and are growing steadily.


Investment Strategies

Florian Agarwalla is founder and CEO of Swiss Three Asset Management, one of the most successful regulated asset management companies in Switzerland with approximately CHF 100 million under management. As part of Mastermind.CEO, he brings in his network of ultra-high net worth individuals and investors who are always on the lookout for exciting and unique company investments.


In the last 8 years, I have had the privilege to assist approximately 1300 people with Schippke Wirtschaftsberatung AG (with offices in Switzerland and UAE) on their way to their personal, financial and entrepreneurial freedom. During these consultings I have been able to get to know inspiring and extremely successful entrepreneurs, some of whom have between 10 and 80 million euros in equity or real estate assets. I have been able to identify one thing they have in common: these people think and act differently. At the same time, I have had the opportunity to get to know some of the best and most exclusive business networks in the world in over 11 years and I have decided to combine the most efficient methods of all mentoring programs of this kind into Mastermind.CEO.

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July 24th, 2023
Live Workshop 1:
ZURICH, The Dolder Grand
Oktober 23rd, 2023
Live Workshop 2:
MODENA, Casa Maria Luigia
January 22th, 2024
Live Workshop 3:
DUBAI, Mandarin Oriental
April 22nd, 2024
Live Workshop 4:
MAURITIUS, Four Seasons
Unique Concept of Mastermind.CEO

Weekly mentoring, 1:1 consulting, and 4 exclusive live events in the most beautiful locations in the world will give you the focus and space to really concentrate on your business goals.

Unique business partnerships
Unforgettable memories
Workshop 2: Italy, Casa Maria Luigia
Live Workshop 3: Dubai, Mandarin Oriental
Investment Deals
Exclusive programs
The best strategies
Workshop 1: Zurich, The Dolder Grand
Exclusive Dinners

Download our Mastermind.CEO presentation here and get a detailed overview of the main topics, mentors, locations and all other detailed information.


You are a client of Schippke Wirtschaftsberatung AG.

You generate 7-digit revenues with your company.

You are ready for exponential growth and market leadership.

Here's how the Mastermind.CEO
gets you further:
Unique concept

The concept of Mastermind.CEO is solving your challenges as an entrepreneur on a weekly basis to make 2023 your most successful business year.

Exclusive knowledge and strategies

Benefit from the unique knowledge of the top entrepreneurs of Schippke Wirtschaftsberatung AG with an 8 to 9-digit company and asset values.

Leading Entrepreneur Network

Exchange ideas with other market leaders, position yourself successfully in our entrepreneurs network and gain exclusive access to venture capital, investors and highly profitable investment deals.

A hands-on roadmap for your goals

Get a clear roadmap for your current challenges and goals, the best support and experience 4 exclusive live events every trimester at the most beautiful locations in the world.

This is how you
apply for the
  • Arrange an assessment me meeting
  • Define your challenges and goals
  • Get your access once your application
    is is reviewed and confirmed
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Frequently asked
General Information
What is the Mastermind.CEO?

Mastermind.CEO is the most efficient business club in the German-speaking world to help seven- to nine- figure entrepreneurs help each other to combine resources, innovate and create, share seven-figure capital, share growth and marketing strategies, and help you get to the next entrepreneurial level.

How long does the Mastermind program last?

Our Mastermind is designed for 12 months, because we are convinced that big challenges are much easier to handle if you divide them into 52 weekly goals. That's why we are absolutely convinced that in 12 months you can boost your business to the next level.

Which topics are being covered?

We have defined four core topics and challenges that we will solve together for you and together with other mentors and mastermind participants.

  • Raising venture capital and smart bank financing strategies and subsidies.
  • Customer acquisition, marketing scaling, filling key positions and digitalization of recruiting processes.
  • Company structure and tax optimization, separating asset protection from operational business and making companies ready for external investors, stock market listings and company sales.
  • The smartest investment strategies, enabling eight- and nine-figure investors in our network to realize 12-20% tax-optimized and sustainable returns year after year.
How often do mentoring calls take place?

Within the Mastermind.CEO 52 mentoring calls of 120 minutes each will take place, so that we can work together week by week on your biggest challenge in business and achieve it sustainably. It’s planned in this way, because a big problem divided into 52 sub-problems is much easier and allows much more to get under control.

Additional benefits
How is this Mastermind different from other programs of this type?

In many so-called mentoring, coaching or mastermind programs, we see very little actual results. There is an overflow of information, numerous contacts, many meetings, many appointments, but few actual results. We stand for real performance, real results, permanent accessibility and a sustainable implementation strategy for each individual participant.

Who are the mentors of the Mastermind?

In almost 10 years of business and economic consulting, as well as through numerous other business networks, I have built a network of eight- and nine-figure entrepreneurs and investors. That means I network with people, some of whom have 50 million € in private assets in real estate, have equity holdings of 180 million €, and who realize 12 million € in profit per year. These are the very mentors you can't book as a coach and who aren't available in any business network of this kind, and I'm bringing them together in this exclusive CEO Mastermind to help you take your business to the next level.

What are the specific additional benefits?

The Mastermind.CEO provides real results, measurable revenue growth, and tangible asset growth in partnership with top eight- to nine-figure entrepreneurs and investors who help our participants take their business to the next level and overcome their respective biggest business challenges week after week.

When and where do the Mastermind events take place?

There will be one exclusive event per trimester, starting in March 2023, every 3 months: March, June, September and November. The destinations are the Dolder Grand in Zurich, the Mandarin Oriental in Dubai, the Casa Maria Luighia in Modena, Italy and the Four Seasons in Mauritius.

Which testimonials prove the success of the program?

The know-how, strategies and resources you'll get in this program have been proven to create billions of dollars in business results. That's because we're not dealing with coaches, speakers and trainers here, but with absolute entrepreneurial legends who have built eight- to nine-figure fortunes in their lives completely self-made. We were able to recruit these partners exclusively for this Mastermind as a unique commitment. That means you won't be able to book them as coaches or business mentors anywhere else on the internet or anywhere else.

Which industries do the other participants represent?

Our Mastermind.CEO is deliberately broad-based in order to network as many sectors and industries as possible. Because the requirement for innovation in the future is the networking of resources, capital and know-how across industries. This means we have top entrepreneurs in e-commerce, construction services, logistics, fertilizer production, mechanical engineering, e-learning and many other industries, which we intelligently connect here in order to learn and profit from each other to the maximum.

What are the requirements for participation?

The requirements are a current business turnover of at least 1 million € net. In addition to this, we only want to connect participants in our program who want to multiply their business turnover, profit, as well as their wealth in the next few years. And who are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level. But who are also ready to support other participants with their available resources, contacts and networks.

How much time do I have to invest in the program?

We need 2 hours per week from your side as a commitment. In addition, 1 hour per month and 12 full workshop days for our mastermind events per year.